September Tour:
Chicago 11-14
Ann Arbor 15-17
Omaha 18-20

Escaping into a moment with another is the ultimate restoration. With you, I’m aligned with my center of being, flowing vibrations of warm energy around one another. Gallivanting together, exploring both familiar and unacquainted places, we tantalize our senses with curiosity and compassion. There’s a surge of energy when our eyes meet; an unspoken communication that we’re here to savor the moment, view life through rose hued lenses, reflections of extraordinary visions stimulating our imagination.

Inhale; vitality and exuberance. Exhale; let life’s worries escape into the biosphere.

In the company of one another, we create a symphony, instruments synchronized, beats pulsating to a rhythm only we know. Let’s savor this time as we would a handcrafted matcha tea, a plate of al dente pasta, a slice of tart key lime pie. We nourish each other like a satiating meal, exchanging stories, humor, and galvanic fantasies we’ve never told anyone before.

I want to let go with you, experience a paramount journey in your warm embrace. We can unleash ourselves from what holds us back and undergo a transformative, cathartic encounter together. Discover new sensations, immerse ourselves in the rarest appreciations for the connection we share, uncover emotions we thought we had tucked away for safekeeping. This private space we share, this treasured cove of trustful exploration, is just for us, where we can be ourselves and indulge in our desire for something more.

Something more. Maybe you feel there’s something missing as you go about mundane tasks, mindlessly driving from one destination to the next, your mind a buzzing hive of responsibilities and to do lists. Maybe at night you lie awake yearning for something beyond your daily exposure, something not quite within your grasp. Not yet, anyway. Maybe you notice your pulse skip a beat as your mind wanders to imagery of shared laughter, an electrifying connection, two hands clasping together to hold wonder and gratitude.

You’re ready to feel something. I’m here to acknowledge your desire for more. Maybe you just want the company, more excitement, or perhaps a plethora of things have brought you here. Whatever has compelled you, I welcome you to join me.

Let’s get to know each other over a hearty dinner and tastebud tingling drinks. Let’s walk by the water as your hand grazes my lower back. I can show you my favorite speakeasy, introduce you to the best fresh oysters, and take you on a bike ride with a breathtaking view. We can listen to bliss saturating music and play board games while the sun sets through the window. Perhaps you’d like to take a skinny dip, a stroll, or plan a trip so we can have a private getaway and take in new sights and sounds. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’ll have a lasting evocation of a profound connection exclusive to us, and us only.

Five foot six, athletic and lean with sensual curves
Korean/Eastern European background
Bright smile, often seen barefaced
Dual major in psychology and journalism
Singer and guitar player, voice like silk

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