I prefer longer engagements and space out my dates. Longer dates will have priority.

Extended: contact

48 hours: 7000

24 hours: 5000

12-16 hour overnight: 4000

8 hours: 2800

6 hours: 2300

4 hours: 1700

3 hours: 1400 * recommended for first introduction

2 hours: 1100

1.5 hours: 950

1 hour: 700

In-date extensions: 500 per additional hour


1 week of unlimited emails: 500
2 half hour phone calls: 300
Package of 5 half hour calls: 600
Video dates: 200 per every half hour


Should you cancel within 48 hours I require a 25% cancellation fee.
If you cancel with a less than 24 hour notice I ask that you send a 50% cancellation fee via giftcard or Cash App.

Fresh breath, clean hands and a shower are recommended. Refrain from scheduling if you are developing physical symptoms that indicate you’re unwell.

Should you find yourself interested in an exclusive arrangement, email [email protected]

Acts of love: solid bear hugs, exchanging smiles, making each other laugh, travel stories, exquisite gifts
Gifts: flower bouquets, psychology books, art projects, Amazon/Uber giftcards
Artist: Gustav Klimt
Athletics: longboarding, barre, yoga, surfing, kayaking
Travel: Bari, Sardinia
Treats: matcha latte with oat milk, watermelon boba smoothie
TV: Shameless, Mad Men, Nathan For You
Film: Breathless
Music: Tame Impala, Odesza, The Beatles
Book: The Word For Woman Is Wilderness
Instruments: acoustic guitar, piano, my voice