Let's dive in.

TOUR DATES: San Francisco Oct 4-7, Los Angeles Oct 15-22, FMTY always

I prefer longer engagements and space out my dates. Lower volume by design, longer dates will have priority.

Extended: contact

48 hours: 7000

24 hours: 5000

12-16 hours: 4000

8 hours: 2800

6 hours: 2300

4 hours: 1700

3 hours: 1400

2 hours: 1100

1.5 hours: 950

In-date extensions: 500 per additional hour

2-3 hour date recommended for first introduction

Virtual Dating

1 week of unlimited emails: 500
2 half hour phone calls: 300
Package of 5 half hour calls: 600
Video dates: 200 per every half hour


Should you cancel within 48 hours I require a 25% cancellation fee.
If you cancel with a less than 24 hour notice I ask that you send a 50% cancellation fee via giftcard or Cash App.

Fresh breath, clean hands and a thorough shower are insisted upon. Refrain from scheduling if you are developing physical symptoms that indicate you’re unwell.

Should you find yourself interested in an exclusive arrangement, we can discuss details.

Acts of love: giving solid bear hugs, exchanging smiles, making each other laugh, travel stories, exquisite gifts
Brunch: 3 Arts Club Cafe, Somerset, Summer House, Beatnik, Nico Osteria
Best oysters: Franklin Room and Bavette’s
Dinner: Momotaro, Kai Zan, Juno, Gibsons Italia, Nico Osteria
Best dessert: Somerset
Best hole in the wall BBQ: Cho Sun Ok
Speakeasy/cabaret: The Drifter
Exceptional cocktails: The Aviary
Restaurants to try: Kikko, Sunda, Next, Roister, Politan Row, Flora Fauna, Pacific Standard Time, Alinea
TV: Key & Peele, Hell’s Kitchen, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Shameless, Mad Men, The Office, Nathan For You, Eric Andre Show
Film: Breathless, The 400 Blows
Book: The Word For Woman Is Wilderness